Hello there! My name is Jen and I am exicted to use this page as a way to catalog new experiences and discoveries I make in the field of botany. I am a fourth year Forest, Fisheries and Wildlife major and have some previous experience regarding botany. I am heavily interested in plants, as I am a single mother of 15 houseplants. Some other interests I have outside of botany include hiking, reading, embrodiery, and gardening.

Pictured above is a coat of arms that represents a few things about me.
On the top left is my symbol, some juniper branches. Juniper is one of my absolute favorite smells. They are found in Western United States, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been; going out West has strengthed my resolve and passion for nature and our environnment. Next is my motto, “Green is my favorite color”. This saying demonstrates how much I depend on plant life and greeny in order to enjoy my day. I could be having a terrible day, then go on a walk and admire how much life is around me and how colorful it is can instantly improve my mood. On the bottom left is my hometown, Cincinnati, and how I originally got interested in botany, houseplants. Lastly, my major, Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife, is represented in the bottom right. Although I am not in any forestry specialization, I still carry a passion and love for plants and am very excited to continue to grow in my knowledge about botany.