Hello fellow plant  lovers!

My name is Ashley and I am a Ecology and Evolution major at The Ohio State University. I am originally from Newark, Ohio. After graduation, I plan to begin a career in wildlife and conservation biology. My main interests involve animals, the outdoors, and completing field experiments. I am also interested in environmental science in aspects of not only wildlife conservation, but also water quality conservation and aquatic biology. I love nature and exploring the very diverse field of botany. Botany is the exploration and documentation of various plants, trees, flowers, etc. My favorite plant is the sunflower. This is website documents various Ohio plants that I have explored!

I hope that I learn a great deal from Ohio Plants 2210, which will help me in the field of conservation. It will allow me to gain a better understanding of plant identification and how plants play a vital role in the ecosystem. I am so excited to conduct field experiments which will help me a great deal throughout my life.

I hope that you find interest and can share the same love of plants as myself!